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Driving Industrial Growth with ORCA Digital

Your Exclusive Marketing Division: Charting the Course to Manufacturing Success

ORCA Digital LLC is a nationally recognized, top woman led B2B Customer Acquisition, Branding, and Digital Advertising Consulting firm in the Manufacturing & Industrial space that is focused on generating true business results and maximum value while providing a competitive edge in a saturated digital landscape. We partner with Manufacturing & Industrial companies with the interests in increasing customer acquisition, awareness, lead generation, & lifetime customer value.

As your trusted advisor in industrial and manufacturing industries, we provide the research, strategy and positioning framework that make an impact. The results? Stronger lead generation, customer acquisition, customer retention and profitability.

We respect the value of your company’s resources- operating as a partner and business owner of your investment. We are confident you will appreciate our services, expertise, and true business deliverables as a great investment that ignites tangible results to positively impact your bottom line.

Our Commitment to Collaboration and Exceeding Expectations

At ORCA Digital, marketing isn’t a solitary endeavor—it’s a collaborative symphony. We partner closely with you to fully comprehend your business objectives, needs, and vision, incorporating these insights into our marketing strategies. This collaborative approach ensures that our marketing initiatives seamlessly align with your overall business objectives, driving results that resonate profoundly with your brand identity.

Our ambition doesn’t halt at meeting your expectations—we strive to outstrip them. By focusing on generating high-quality leads and targeted campaigns, we deliver marketing results that defy norms, propelling your Manufacturing & Industrial business to previously unattained peaks of success. Through these efforts, we enrich your bottom line while maximizing your return on investment.

Harness Your Competitive Advantage with ORCA Digital

At ORCA Digital, we transcend the traditional boundaries of a service provider and transform into your dedicated, exclusive partners and industry-expert allies. We’re driven by a unique approach that blends vigorous competitiveness, diligent account management, and relentless ongoing education in your specific industry, creating a model that’s meticulously tailored to the Manufacturing & Industrial sectors.

Our method of operation is rooted in competitiveness and thoroughness. In the dynamic field of digital marketing, we don’t merely compete—we relentlessly pursue leadership. Our team cultivates a fiercely competitive spirit, positioning your business on the leading edge of the Manufacturing & Industrial sectors. Simultaneously, we meticulously engineer our strategies and campaigns with the utmost diligence, leaving no aspect unexplored in our commitment to bolster your digital influence and impact.

Our commitment to your success is underlined by our promise of an exclusive partnership, providing a guarantee of non-competition with your rivals. Is your manufacturing enterprise poised to overhaul its digital identity and ignite unparalleled growth? Partner with ORCA Digital today—your triumph is our mission.

Your Competitive Advantage

We will operate as your digital marketing department, partners & industry specific experts- handling your business & investments as if it were our own by taking an account management approach that is handled with high diligence, fiercely competitive, and collaborative. We thrive in helping Manufacturing & Industrial businesses achieve results that will exceed expectations, positively impact the bottom line & maximize ROI.

We are ORCA





As a team of experienced and tenacious professionals, we lead the way in revolutionizing sales growth through clear communication, strategic thinking, and collaborative teamwork. We deploy laser-focused strategies that give our clients a competitive edge and position them at the forefront of brand awareness. Our mission is to drive robust sales growth and enhance market share. As a trusted partner to leading manufacturing and industrial brands, our specialty lies in creating significant connections between these brands and their customers.

Ann Gocher


Meet Ann, the driving force behind ORCA Digital. As a highly experienced and dynamic business marketing strategist, Ann has been a trailblazer in the world of digital marketing for over two decades. Her journey began right out of high school, where she dove headfirst into the challenging yet rewarding world of marketing for manufacturing companies. Today, she stands as the proud owner and CEO of ORCA Digital, a leading figure in the industry.

Ann’s tactical acumen in crafting integrated marketing plans, along with her ability to distill complex concepts into actionable strategies, has marked her as a leader in both national and global marketing campaigns. Her expertise lies in elevating brands, formulating compelling messaging, and fueling lead generation – all while designing strategic marketing campaigns that consistently outperform expectations.

But her achievements extend beyond individual milestones. Ann has been instrumental in driving innovation within the manufacturing and industrial sectors, spearheading the development of advanced digital systems that deliver powerful results for clients.

At the heart of it all, Ann’s mission mirrors the core values of ORCA Digital. She is dedicated to more than just providing a service; she’s invested in becoming a trusted business ally. Her personal goal is to help businesses realize their full potential in the digital landscape, equipping them to stand as competitive market leaders in their respective spaces.

With Ann at the helm, ORCA Digital redefines the future of manufacturing marketing – a future characterized by performance, innovation, and mutually beneficial partnerships. Explore a partnership with Ann and ORCA Digital, where engineering precision meets strategic marketing to unlock unprecedented business growth.

Ready to unlock a new level of digital marketing success? Let’s talk. Reach out to ORCA Digital today and discover the true potential of your Manufacturing & Industrial business.