Digital Marketing Consulting Services.

Orca Digital Marketing

Expect Performance

A marketing strategy that begins diligent research, clear objectives, and a personalized actionable scope are 356% more likely to report success. ORCA digital is focused on generating powerful ROI. We work with each business individually to create a customized marketing strategy based on your business objectives focused on a notable return on investment.
Orca Digital Marketing

Business Objectives & Market Analysis

We will work closely together to build a personalized & detailed, actionable digital marketing strategy based on your short or long term business objectives and needs. This will begin by conducting an in-depth analysis of your current position and target audience.
We will conduct a SWOT analysis & digital discovery to fully assesses your business strengths, weaknesses, opportunities & threats. We will also discuss your revenue goals, current revenue, and what you’re currently doing in terms of marketing your business. This will provide us further insight into how you run your business, the efficiency of your marketing, your position in the competitive market, and further understand your audience.
Orca Digital Marketing

Establish Clear KPIs

We will work closely together to decide on which key performance indicators & metrics you should track according to your specific objectives and strategies.
We will then implement a personalized system by which we will measure and report on the performance of the projects. This will help you keep track of business growth and make changes where necessary.
Orca Digital Marketing

Set Deliverables & Expectations

Our deliverables will be exactly aligned with your business goals and objectives. After our initial consultation, we will discuss what you expect to achieve, an established timeframe, and method of reporting on the deliverables. Your business goals are our business goals- we will make sure that value is the end result.
Orca Digital Marketing

Omni Channel Approach

An omnichannel approach to digital marketing is vital to performance & optimal results in many niches & industries in the virtual world we live in today. Many users will come into contact with your brand or business at multiple touchpoints before making a buying decision in the marketing funnel.
Our expertise in a wide range of platforms can help you create consistent campaigns that deliver results across multiple marketing channels, with particular emphasis on the channels that make most sense for your target audience.
Orca Digital Marketing

Innovation and Current Digital Trends

ORCA Digital we keep a competitive edge by staying current on all digital marketing pathways and algorithm updates- we use this expertise as ammo to build your business an effective & competitive strategy in a crowded digital marketplace.
A few of the latest digital marketing trends are:
Ads Settings

Programmatic Advertising

Visual Search
The Shift Towards Interactive Content